Instant Fly Swatter Rechargeable Racket
Instant Fly Swatter Rechargeable Racket
Instant Fly Swatter Rechargeable Racket
Instant Fly Swatter Rechargeable Racket

Instant Fly Swatter Rechargeable Racket

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QUALIZA Mosquito Killer Bats/ Fly Swatter/ Bug Zapper Racket

Are mosquitoes or other bugs bothering you and ruining your peace of mind? Take advantage of the QUALIZA electric mosquito killer racket to deal a lasting blow to bugs. With our improved electro-mesh concept, this fly swatter is the only thing you need to get rid of both indoor and outdoor bugs such as wasps, mosquitoes, and insects. You no longer have an excuse to let mosquitoes ruin your sleep at night! Just a single swoop.


Rechargeable electric mosquito swatter with purple trapping light
Anti-mosquito swatter adopts high-quality ABS material, safe and without danger
The charging interface of the square base can be erected as a mosquito killer lamp
Double switch design to ensure safe use, equipped with work indicator and power indicator
Purple light wave actively attracts mosquitoes, it physically and manually kills mosquitoes
After the electric mosquito swatter is stopped, it has the function of automatically eliminating the residual electricity of the high voltage net surface
The product has a power display function (the power is 25% when one light is on, the power is 50% when two lights are on, the power is 75% when three lights are on, and the power is 100% when four lights are on).
The electronic swatter is USB charge, built-in large capacity cell.

Easy to use.

Customer Reviews

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Isai Dicki


Danial Mosciski

Good Goods

Frederic Hegmann

Arrived well apparently it lacks battery, but in a while I will try it, a good product.

Tomasa Jaskolski

Real good part for the price :)

Rebeka Kulas

I haven't been able to kill mosquitoes yet (there haven't been, that's good) but it looks good. Unfortunately it is not the model of the publication (that bothers me a bit) and that for me takes away the quality of the service of the seller, but the product is very good.